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Davis Instruments 6153 Wireless Vantage Pro2 Plus Weather Station with Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield The latest in weather technology! Our Vantage Pro2 Plus weather stations offer everything found on our Vantage Pro2 weather stations, plus solar radiation and UV sensors. The ISS includes rain collector, temperature and humidity sensors, anemometer, 40' anemometer cable, and solar panel. Temperature and humidity sensors are enclosed in our patented, solar-powered, 24-hour fan-aspirated radiation shield. Shield combines active and passive aspiration to minimize the effects of radiation. Our station anemometer is located on the north side of the tower at a height of 50' to clear tree obstructions, the solar transmitter is mounted 2' below on the south side of the tower, to allow sun exposure. We know this is higher than FAA specs but 34' was not in the clear and our readings were never right.

ISS is solar powered. Electronic components are housed in a weather-resistant shelter. Our ISS is located 30' behind our shop on an 8" wood peeler pole at at height of 5'.  The heater is fed from the shop AC and is turned on during periods of coming snow. We monitor the temperature closely during heater operation to be sure readings are still accurate. Console may be powered using the included AC-power adapter or with three C batteries. The location of our console is 250' from the ISS and located at the radio desk in the office.

First and only weather station in its class to use frequency hopping spread spectrum radio technology to transmit weather data wirelessly up to 1000' (300 m) outdoors, line of sight. Typical range through walls under most conditions is 200' to 400'. Add wireless repeaters for distances up to 1.7 miles.

Stardot NetCam

Stardot Technologies SD130B NetCam SC Series 1.3 Megapixel NetCam SC Series camera with 4mm lens PoE ready - Hybrid: Simultaneous Digital/Analog Output. Up to 15X more resolution than CCTV cameras, Three Power Options: PoE, 24VAC, 12VDC, Integrated Video Motion Detection, Operating Range: -40 degrees F/+120 degrees F (-40 C/+48 C), Includes 4mm Megapixel Lens, Events Trigger: NVR/Email/FTP, Built in Web Server, DC Auto Iris Support, Video On Motion Band Width Sensor

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